Cleaning facts and tips for your tile flooring

Cleaning facts and tips for your tile flooring

Your tile floors will last for many years, and with a good cleaning routine, they can retain their like-new look throughout those years. If you're shopping for ceramic or porcelain tile in Hartford, CT, stop by the locally-owned Elite Flooring Specialist.

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Ceramic tile is made of coarse clay that must be glazed to repel water, while porcelain tile is made of fine kaolin clay, which is naturally waterproof. Both types of glazed tiles are resistant to dirt, but grit and sand can dull the surface of a floor over time.

Thus, it's best to vacuum or sweep tile flooring regularly and put coir or synthetic fiber doormats inside and outside entryways.


Along with warm water and a mild liquid tile cleaner, you need a rag, microfiber, or chamois mop to clean tile floors. Unfortunately, a sponge mop also doesn't clean, pushing dirty water into the grout lines and making them harder to clean.

In addition, sitting water forms water spots, so instead of letting floors air-dry, dry the floor with a dry mop or cloth as soon as you have finished cleaning it.


It's a good idea, too, to dry the floor so soap residue is not left on it, which can make tile flooring look hazy. As you clean, be on the lookout for discoloration and try to figure out what caused the stain so you can determine the best way to remove it.

For example, grease-based stains can be removed with club soda and water, while blood can be removed with diluted bleach.

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