Carpet types that can serve you best

Carpet types that can serve you best

Carpet is a good flooring choice whether you want to warm a basement floor or add comfort to a living area in your home. The most formidable brands are pet-friendly and great for any homeowner who desires highly stain-resistant flooring.

Elite Flooring Specialist in Hartford, CT, has top brand-name carpeting in all the latest styles, and one of these is sure to suit your needs.

Loop pile styles

Fibers are looped onto a backing to construct carpet, and these loops are tightly woven on superior brands. A short loop is the most durable type of carpeting since dirt stays on the surface where it is easily vacuumed away.

Instead, choose a dark-colored nylon or triexta for high-traffic areas in your home, which will serve you well for 10 years or more.

Berber styles

If you'd rather not have a darker floor covering in active areas of your home, choose Berber carpeting instead.

This distinctive loop carpet style, perfected by the North African Berber people, is available in a traditional color combination - beige with flecks of brown and gray - and more modern hues. Opt for moisture-resistant olefin for your basement.

Cut pile styles

Saxony and frieze are styles created when fiber loops are cut at the tips. Saxony carpet features medium-length fibers that stand straight to form an even surface.

In contrast, the typically long fibers that make up frieze carpeting are so tightly twisted that they scatter in many directions. Thus, a frieze carpet looks more casual than a Saxony carpet.

Your top choice for carpet in Hartford, CT

Elite Flooring Specialist installs carpet in Hartford, CT, and nearby communities like West Hartford, Glastonbury, Farmington, Southington, Simsbury, Cheshire, and Avon.

We also remodel kitchens and bathrooms and offer a design consultation service that provides the assistance you need for your project. You'll find friendly folks at our carpet store, so visit us today!