Switching to hardwood flooring isn’t a hard choice

Just one experience with hardwood flooring will likely leave any homeowner with a desire for the material in their own home. Not only is it one of the most timeless flooring materials on the market, but it also adds elegance no matter where it’s installed. In fact, it’s considered a high-end flooring even though it’s actually more affordable than some other materials, especially when the long-term commitment is considered. You'll also find it to be one of the longest-lasting materials in the flooring industry, which means this could be your last floor shopping experience. Let’s find out if this is a good place for you to start.

At Elite Flooring, you’ll find a friendly and experienced staff that aims for your complete satisfaction. We start by helping you browse our line of floor coverings and add any pertinent services that could assist in creating your dream flooring. When you visit our Hartford, CT showroom, you'll find that we also serve the areas of West Hartford, Avon, Glastonbury, Farmington, Southington, Simsbury, and Cheshire. We stand ready to help you with all your flooring needs so come in today.

Hardwood flooring gives you plenty of options

With hardwood floors, you get the best of the best, with plenty of benefits to back it up. In addition to a lifespan that averages about 100 years, you’ll get incredible hard-wearing flooring that, with proper care and maintenance, will never again need to be replaced. It’s an investment that really pays off over the long term and can even offer a return should you decide to sell the home. Those seeking a new home know that hardwood floors are highly sought after and they’re always willing to pay extra for it. When you choose a hardwood floor for your home, start by picking the perfect species, and then top it with a stain color you'll love. These colors make it easy to match the decor and can be changed during a refinishing process, so they're never permanent unless you want them to be. The finish type you choose can be as beneficial as it is gorgeous. For instance, a wire-brushed or hand-scraped finish can help hide scratches and scuffs, making every day wear a hidden consequence of your busy household. When considering installation, we strongly advise that you allow a professional installation team to do this job. Special tools and years of experience make it a job that isn't well suited for DIY projects.

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