Choose stone-look tile flooring

Choose stone-look tile flooring

If you need all the elegance of natural stone flooring but prefer a more affordable option, consider tile flooring for your next remodel. These products can give you the stunning and elegant look you want and need without breaking the bank.

Moreover, these floors bring fantastic benefits that will serve you in every room, regardless of your specific requirements. Here's what to know about tile floors and what they can do for you.

Tile flooring mimics stone’s color

Stone flooring is a product line with a reputation for extensive visuals, especially regarding color and color combinations. You’ll enjoy tile options that mimic solid colors, veining, designs, flecking, and weathered looks, so your tile in Hartford, CT, will match any décor scheme.

Spend time learning which colors best complement the interior design you already have in place. But remember that you can also build a brand new look with your flooring as a centerpiece.

Tile flooring mimics stone’s texture

Natural stone offers extensive texture options, including honed, polished, and weathered surfaces, which pair perfectly with the right colors. From smooth, glass-like experiences to rough, bold

The right texture can also guard against daily wear, resisting scratches, scuffs, and scrapes, especially if you have pets or children. This benefit, available from products in our tile store, leads to a longer lifespan, giving you more time to enjoy the many extended benefits found in this flooring line.

Tile flooring mimics stone’s installation layout

When you pick stone flooring, you'll have many interesting installation layouts to increase visual appeal in any room. Consider designs like offset tile, variable-size pieces, and subway tile options for impressive results that last for years.

In addition to adding another layer of beauty, certain layouts can enhance stability and give you protection against movement between pieces. Professional installation ensures the perfect look, no matter which tile flooring style you choose, and offers impressive peace of mind that can last a lifetime, depending on your preferred options.

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