Embellish your hardwood flooring with borders and inlays

Embellish your hardwood flooring with borders and inlays

You might think it's impossible to improve the natural beauty of hardwood flooring, but borders and inlays do the trick! These striking floor embellishments, which showcase your style and give rooms an exotic look, are crafted by artisans.

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Borders blend seamlessly with other design elements to elevate room decor and create a home space with an attractive, cohesive look.

A border is usually used to frame a specific area, but it can also create a clear separation of space in an open floor plan design. For example, a hardwood flooring border is typically two to twelve inches wide and located six to ten inches from the wall.


Most often, a border is made of a different and darker species of wood than the rest of the floor, and sometimes, it includes multiple kinds of wood for contrast.

Further, a border can range from a simple high-contrast wood stripe to an intricate pattern that displays 3-dimensional illusory effects. Finally, the wood inside the border may be laid differently for greater visual appeal.


Inlays, like borders, are usually constructed from a different type of wood than your floors to help them stand out. These pieces of hardwood floors slot into your flooring to add depth, dimension, and contrast to a room.

Medallions are the most popular type of inlay, and these works of art can depict a trendy standard design like the compass rose or a custom-made design.

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