Three steps to a successful natural stone flooring installation

Three steps to a successful natural stone flooring installation

Slate, marble, limestone, and travertine are natural stones, or rocks quarried from the earth, commonly used to produce natural stone flooring tiles. When you opt for natural stone, you automatically get a unique floor for your home.

You can find a wide assortment of trendy stone tiles at Elite Flooring Specialist in Hartford, CT.

Experienced installation team

Choose the type of stone that works best for your application to assure longevity and maximum satisfaction with your new stone floor. But, of course, the floor must also be installed correctly to maintain its good looks throughout the years.

Our in-house installation team is skilled in all facets of the job, like preparing the subfloor and cutting and laying the tiles.

Selection of natural stone flooring

Each stone has unique characteristics:

  • Marble flooring- luxurious look; resistant to allergens; effortlessly polished; accommodates radiant floor heating; simple to create a seamless floor; best for entryways and living rooms 
  • Limestone - earthy look; most commonly found in light colors; resistant to scratches, mold, and bacteria; suitable for bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Slate - finest quality is mined, lesser quality is found on the surface of the earth’s crust; most commonly found in gray hues; naturally resistant to water and fire as well as stains and slips 
  • Travertine tile- warm earthy tones; pitted or rough surface in its natural form/aged and weathered appearance; tolerates heavy foot traffic, suitable for kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms

Preparation of stone

Before the floor is installed, light and dark stones and more or less veined stones are randomly spread and not clustered into groups. You are always welcome to check our work and ensure the tiles are laid as you want. The floor will be sealed after installation and must be resealed periodically throughout its lifespan.

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